Mexican Cooked Saffron Rice

Mexican Cooked Saffron Rice 

Mexican Cooked Saffron Rice


Onion: one

Rice: 5 measures

Belly pepper: 2

Baked chicken: 750 gr.

Vegetable oil: half of glass,

Salt: 4 teaspoons,

Mushroom: 250 gr.

Garlic: 2 cubes,


Cut peppermint and parsley: one tablespoon


1 tsp. Saffron

Butter: 100 gr.


Soak the rice in water 1 day ahead. Pound the onion and garlic into small pieces. Add crushed bell pepper and onion. Add peppermint, green peas, salt, parsley and people then add saffron. Heat the sauce pan with oil then add some rice and other ingredient